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Which Type of Error Outlook User Facing These Days

Below is some type of the error using facing such issue.

  • Biffo: The ‘update’ on the microsoft outlook page that they are getting on top of the problem is just bs – still no e.mail access since early Monday. Why isn’t this making the news? I’m really wondering if microsoft and/or firefox have been hacked. (It’s interesting hat in the last few weeks leading up to this, I have received far more firefox security updates uploaded than I can ever remember in such a short period)
  • Mike Montague: My Outlook subscribed folders will not send/receive. Still processing, but only completed 3 of 16 tasks in last 5 minutes. Ookla Speedtest shows 30Mbps down / 12Mbps up.
  • actornaught: I have three separate Hotmail accounts and run both Win7 IE and Chrome, and only one account is getting “HTTP ERROR 503” since around 9AM EDT, on both browsers, and my smartphone. Unfortunately, it’s my primary account that is down.
  • Tristan van Oosten: Courtesy of Bob and HughPhug: , this works a treat. To get Outlook back on latest firefox: type ABOUT:CONFIG in the address bar + enter , click yes , find
    in the list security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling. double-click it and
    toggle value to FALSE
    After one week of no access this got Outloook and Onedrive back instantly.
  • HughPhug: Courtesy of Bob, this works a treat. To get Outlook back on latest firefox: type ABOUT:CONFIG in the address bar + enter , click yes , find in the list security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling. double-click it and toggle value to FALSE
    After one week of no access this got Outloook and Onedrive back instantly.
  • Biffo: Ditto as Jimmy below – still no service since early yesterday morning. This may be a firefox problem but every time something goes wrong with my e.mails, microsoft/outlook is behind it and I’m sick of then. It’s about time firefox brought out its own free e.mail service so that we could be shot of microsoft and its numerous unnecessary ‘improvements’ and updates once and for all
  • Bob: To get Outlook back on latest firefox: type ABOUT:CONFIG in the address bar + enter , click yes , find in the list security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling. double-click it and toggle value to FALSE
    After one week of no access this got Outloook and Onedrive back instantly.
  • jimmy: Got up this morning and the hotmail homepage still won’t load on firefox! It started Sunday night and now Tuesday afternoon! I simply will not start fiddling with my browser and siabling parts of the security -I have no idea what I am doing – in order to get a page to work. Is Microsoft trying to fix this?
  • Carolann Turner: I wonder why we have to disable part of our browser security so that we can access microsoft outlook, when it’s MS that has created the problem! I don’t trust MS OR Google and I believe THEY should be correcting this error on their end. This kind of thing makes me want to dump ALL MS and google stuff from my computer.
  • Sky Anderson: I can’t log in to hotmail/outlook through duckduckgo, which I do normally everyday. (Firefox), message reads “Secure connection failed”.I have to use internet explorer. All other sites are working through duckduckgo.
  • jimmy: This is totally crazy really – Sunday night com stopped loading on firefox and now tuesday morning it is still down. Using email since the late 1990s I can’t remember another major service going down in this way for so long. I think this will be the final nail in the coffin for hotmail.

So, here we mentioned some of the error user facing and such type issue occurs in Microsoft outlook/Hotmail services. Most of the user saying the outlook suddenly not working or suddenly stopped. In this case user start looking for the Outlook Email Support Number, Windows live Mail Support , Hotmail Customer Support Number,Etc.

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What type of error AT &T user having in the world

We get some detail of AT &t users what is their experience about AT &t services and we place some of those experiences here.

  • Nazifa Lodin: Please help my internet isn’t working last few night its acting like that internet completely stop on phone, computer or can’t watch TV and this morning its not connecting to my tablet and TV and the router light at the bottom isn’t blincking they re all green I don’t know what’s going on!!!!!
    I live in Burbank, California
    1723 grismer ave the street
  • Madonna Cote: No phone service for 3 days in Sonora, Ca. I called at&t one guy told me it was my battery so I went to our local at&t and they told me my battery is fine and then made a snide remark about me having an old phone, news flash I can’t afford a new phone! It’s an iPhone 5 and was working perfectly fine. It’s not just me and my family it’s my neighbors too! I think you should give us a big break on our family plan for not being able to call out, receive calls and not even text messages! This is total b.s if it isn’t fixed soon you’re going to lose a family plan to verizon, fix the problem!
  • Adam Messing: Southern California here, cell service is fine outside my house but my micro cell is down since my house is in a dead spot. Hearing that it’s not isolated to my Mcell.
  • Randy Bohannan: Down in Mesquite, Tx almost every 5 minutes, making online work immpossible. Its been like this almost every night this week(the only time of day I get online).
  • Alan West: Between Myrtle Beach, SC and Columbia, SC calls were either unable to connect or dropped within 2-3 minutes of being connected. AT&T said I was in a rural area and coverage was sparse and the few towers in that area have degraded. I’ve traveled the same route once a month for a year and never had trouble. I had trouble driving from Columbia, SC to Myrtle Beach and again 4 later driving back.
  • Alan West: Coverage around Charlotte, NC over the past 2 weeks has been sporadic. No service and dropped calls. AT&T says the towers had degraded and have been repaired. They need to check again.
  • JW: No service in Chicago. It has been 24 hours and this is unacceptable. I would call at&t to complain, but I can’t get or receive phone calls. You guys just got a customer.
  • Pamela Dupras: Grr, Att has been slow for the past week. Anyone else in Anchorage experiencing this issue? Works fine in Wasilla.
  • Don Hauck: dallas, fort worth down for months, icheck online map for updates, & have tried to text g/f in grand prairie tx with no success, very limited messaging, can’t recieve or send, be lucky if i got 2 messages every 12- 24 hrs from her if not days, tried to reply to her but network goes down so it’s very sporatic to say the least
  • Don Hauck: midwestern U.S has been down for the past few months so you’re not alone larry, don’t know what’s wrong with at & t network, multibillion $$$$ company but can’t fix their towers or upgrade to new ones or the customer service is contracted out to foreigners in differents countries who don’t speak english or have a clue or the training to fix any thing let alone treat people with respect, tell me people comment to see if i’m not right about this, thanks
  • TheUltimateBeing01: I’m in the Houston TX region. My zip code is 77091. Our internet is super slow. It’s for the Cuney Apartments in Burkett Street. Please fix this. I work for home and rely on internet service for my job.
  • Liz Aguirre: Can’t use my phone’s date, unable to access social media/iMessage/apps/etc. On the 3rd day now I can’t even send a simple Text message. In Corona del Mar, CA.
  • Rumbleshanks: Corona Del Mar, CA – No text service on iPhone 6. This company’s technology is constantly plagued with with either phone or U-Verse problems. We’ve had to call U-verse almost every month for the last three or four months.
  • Diego S: No (cell/mobile) Service in Cleveland, OH. AGAIN. Happens every morning. Unable to call/text/use apps. Ongoing for a minimum of 7 weeks. AT&T “service” for the price they charge is unjustifiable, unreliable and just getting worse.
  • Alan: Lost DSL service on Monday May 1st in Boca Raton. Tech appointment scheduled for MAY 8th canceled by AT&T on May 6th because “Network Problem in your area”. Finally got a status on the Trouble Report on May 9th as a “Network Outage detected on the 6th. Expected to be fixed on the 10th”. Well, today is the 10th….guess what my DSL status is today? Riiiiight.
  • Judy Godfrey: Our landline has been down more than on since January for my entire neighborhood. Some of my neighbors use MCI, I have AT&T. The transmission cables and lines bringing the service (theoretically) to my neighborhood are the the source of the problem. yet when calls are made to report the outage, lengthy calls and a technician coming to check my home connection (which is fine) is the only result. the phone is working now, randomly, about two days a week. INFRASTRUCTURE!
  • James: Internet’s out again this happened at the same time last night around 2 a.m. Stays out for about a half hour to an hour then comes back on. Dont know whats goin on
  • Randy Bohannan: sporadic on and off connection tonight in Mesquite, Texas. 5/9/2017. 9:10pm. Usually happens when it rains hard but no bad weather tonight. Sunspots I guess.

We suppose to be here to provide AT &T Customer Care Service, AT &T Customer Care Number.


Verizon Customer Service Phone Number

Verizon is the one of the muiltinational telecommunication company mainly from United State of America. User are facing number of problems in USA. We will provide you some data of verizon users, how they feel at the issue time.


  • chevy1937coupe: Paying for 1,5 MBPS DSL… Speed test 0.07 MBPS upload and 0.11 download with over 100 ms latency… Verizon should be ashamed of the poor service they are providing to us here in Clayton, Delaware.
  • Anne Bohl: We are having trouble with phone and text seevice. No calls in or out. I can send texts with my smart phone, but my son can’t send it recI’ve texts in his non-smart phone. Mine must be using data?
  • Zach Freeland from NC: Central North Carolina iPhone 6 Verizon Network “No Service” on & off for several days but today at least 11 hours straight….I even went to Apple Store assuming phone was dead, RUINED business calls while commuting that made ME look like shite and I need that income to pay Verizons 5$/day bill. So DONE getting raped by this company!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW I’M DROPPING THEM!!!!!!!!!
  • P-square: Have no landline service ….no dial tone have DSL showing excellent service but can’t get it …currently bouncing off someone else since 4/5/2017 in Erie pa.. My phone bill is due on the 10th of April and already paid…so not a payment issue…
  • JG Butler: No cable, internet, or landline phone service in N. Arlington VA since at least 3PM this afternoon. Spent about 3 hours on hold waiting for customer service to be told there’s no widespread outage, it’s a problem outside the house, broken fiber optic cable possibly, maybe just to my home, possibly others, and earliest service call is 2 days away even though there’s no widespread outages. Huh. Verizon’s very good at taking hundreds of dollars from me every month for years and issuing late payment penalties for being a day late with those payments but when there’s a problem… wait and wait and wait some more. Oh, and if it’s not a widespread outage, apparently I still have to pay in full, on-time of course.
  • Will: Text working 2. All incoming calls to cell go straight to Voice Mail. 3. Out going calls to landlines work. 4. Unable to log into website. As of 4/6/2017 0640 CST in San Antonio TX
  • Eric Farrow: Stuttering internet connection here in Hagerstown. I am hoping that Antietam cable can do a better job than this. Then again I heard such wonderful things about Antietam. I mean, what does Verizon have? An expensive wireless service that is actually less reliable than the price itself would suggest it to be?! Antietam is clearly the better option in my humble opinion. If there is a possible Antietam connection in this hovel to be had, I will happily take it over this crappy internet service… *ranting continued till the sun blew up*
  • Adam: Had an internet outage only two months ago. Spring Break starts in 3 days. Getting really sick of this. If the Verizon technicians work from 9 AM to 5 PM, that means they’ve been working on fixing this from the moment they arrived at work today, since the outage occurred at 8:22 AM. That means they’ve been working for over 6.5 hours! How do they not have it fixed yet? If this isn’t fixed by 6 PM, they will have failed to fix it when given 12 hours to do so. There is no excuse for it having taken this long, let alone if it comes to that. This whole thing is unacceptable.

There is number of the verizon users who is facing problem and still facing those problems. When user become more frustrated then he looking for the verizon customer care number, verizon online support, verison customer support number, verizon help desk number etc.

How to Troubleshoot Time Warner Cable – Road Runner Issues


What Type of Errors User Facing in the Gmail

Gmail or Google mail is the free email services provided by Google in the World Wide Web. Gmail is not only providing free email service but also provide bundle of services with the free email services.

Some of the services provided by the Google with Gmail services;

  • Google image:- Google images is the services by which user can store its images and can access later when he/she needed.
  • Google Drive:- Google Drive is the free data store service, which one of the mind blowing service that I like most. Google drive data storage service is uses to store all of online user data no matter, What it is, images, excel, word, software, etc.
  • Google Map:- Google map also one of the mind blowing services of Google which is free of cost.
  • Google Play:- Google play is the Google play store service by which user can download games, android application to the mobile.

There is some other free services that come under bundle of Gmail. Except all of these, mind blowing bundle services still user getting error in Google services. If any error occur in Gmail the all the above free services can’t be usable.


Below is some users who are unable to use all the above free services because of the Gmail issues

  • CJohnson:- Taking forever for images within a message to load and for attachments to download. (Had trouble with downloading attachments at the end of last week as well.)
  • MsBaddest120:- Cannot login. Every time I click go after entering my email, it freezes the window. I can’t click anything and it does not go to my com. THEN when I do sign in, it freezes my emails and I can’t nothing there. What’s going on?
  • Rhoni Hamel:- unable to receive email, unable to confirm if anything is actually being ‘sent’ through webmail (browser) or email clients (multiple) VERY frustrating!
  • Francis Holt:- Unable to access any of my three gmail accounts from laptop and tablet. Error code 502 (Server error) is the message displayed.
  • Susie Stogsdill:- I’ve been experiencing gmail issues on my phone since last week. Emails come in, but I try to open them and they just hang forever.
  • Maxell UDXLII:- Some companies have people employed just to screw things up, I guess.This is called Progress. “We can’t leave ANYTHING alone.even if it’s working.” Great.Or was Google hacked again by the Russkis?I mean were WE hacked by the Russkis?
  • Jacquie:- I have to comment as a guest because gmail is not working. Gdrive sheets are not loading, keep saying I’m off line… even when the gmail happens to be working. Google MyBusiness dashboard will not load….. I am in Southern Oregon and rely on these for my work. I agree with comments below… Why won’t Google alert to issues? Even admit to them? And work to solve them rather than leave people hanging for days on end. Not good Business Practice.
  • Dennis:- You should STOP FIXING THINGS THAT ARENN’T BROKEN. It is only stupidity and too much time on your hands to keep messing with things when they are working correctly. I now can’t get into my email When try and login from a saved app on my favorite bar, the connection simply disappears. good work!! Way to go! Also, when it did work I had to double click to get it to connect to sign in?? Why did your mess with this?? DUMB.
  • brummy0121:- Mines been broken since 2016 , ive tried clear cache force stop uninstalling , other mobile devices , laptops , tablets , older versions , disabling ,uodates , apk older version , restarting device and nothing , i need it too , dont think there will ever be a fix
  • Sheila Gazlay:- My Google address book won’t load. Tried the stand alone site.Been this way since yesterday.;
  • Leanne Jones:- .. a server error occurred and your email was not saved. (#007) – EVERY TIME I SEND AN EMAIL It is slow to log in Error attaching docs to an email Canned responses aren’t working Please sort this out………….
  • Gordon Findlay:- Loading mailbox is very slow or fails. Refresh eventually gets there. Reading individual messages is unaffected. Been happening, and I suspect deteriorating, for a week or so.
  • IMattart:- I have been having off and on trouble accessing emails through Mac Mail for the past several days. If anyone has found a solution please let me know!
  • angie497:- Three days now and completely unable to access emails through POP, despite making no changes in any settings in either my gmail account or Outlook, and despite the fact that the settings in Outlook match the configuration as shown by gmail.
  • Debbie Holcomb: 3rd Day in a row, and it seems to start earlier in the day each day. So far, only having issues on the computer and can still get to Gmail on my phone. SO frustrating!
  • Rachel:- Since Tuesday, 25 April, when I try to download, receive or send, an error message appears intermittently that gmail is having connectivity problem. Please let me know what is happening and what to do.
  • Callie Carling:- I haven’t been able to load up the standard version of gmail since first this morning (around 8am UK time); having to switch to basic HTML version and the issue is still present, some 11 hours on.
  • Osita: My email not working since last week- This site can’t be reached
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED WHY????!!!!!
  • Cristine Rode:- I can view the preview but I can not download any attachment and even can not do auto print in gmail. have to forward the mail to non gmail account for us to be able to print and/ or download the attachment. not showing the panel for signing out as well. writing from Atlantis Dubai, UAE
  • Mike Little:- Email seems to have been down for a while, or intermittently all day. Hard to tell for sure but a few commercial emails have come through but none from friends. It’s now 4:28pm PST. Sort of unusual for Gmail. I can send email from my gmail account and it arrives at my Yahoo account.

When user starts facing such problems then he/she keep looking for the Gmail Customer Support Number, Google Email Support, Gmail Customer Care, etc.

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