How to Create and Use Templates in Outlook Email?

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How to Create and Use Templates in Outlook Email?

Using templates in Outlook Email is common for several Microsoft Outlook users to use constant sort of email information for sending emails on regular basis. This information might be anything, be it associate degree agenda of a weekly meeting or a selected format that the users prefer to continue. If you create a template in Outlook email containing such format, it might prevent plenty of your time and energy.

Go through the below-mentioned article to learn how to create and use templates in Outlook.

How to create templates:-

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook: Open Outlook 2003 or 2007.
  2. After launch, your outlook, create your email by clicking Home > New Email.
  3. Compose your email
  4. Then click File > Save as after you finish composing your email
  5. When a dialog popping up, select your aim folder and name your file. In Save as type, select Outlook Template option from the drop-down list box. Finally, click Save.
  6. You will see an outlook template is created
  7. Now, it is time to use the template. If you don’t see the Developer tab showing on the Outlook ribbon, go to File tab, click Option > Customize Ribbon. On the right pane, check the Developer box. Then click OK button.
  8. Go to the Developer tab, click Choose Form.
  9. In the showing up dialog, select your created template aim location from the Look In drop-down box. And then click Browse button to find the template file. After select, it, click Open button to open it.
  10. A new mail will be created after you click the Open button.

How to use created Outlook template: –

Launch the Outlook application and open the created template. Then, click on File menu and choose new or select from option. Click on Look option within the drop-down menu at the top of the application window. Then, use the arrow key to navigate all the way down to the User Templates in filing option. You may see the name of the guide created by you. Select that template and click on the Open option.

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