Verizon Customer Service Phone Number

Verizon Customer Service Phone Number

Verizon is the one of the muiltinational telecommunication company mainly from United State of America. User are facing number of problems in USA. We will provide you some data of verizon users, how they feel at the issue time.


  • chevy1937coupe: Paying for 1,5 MBPS DSL… Speed test 0.07 MBPS upload and 0.11 download with over 100 ms latency… Verizon should be ashamed of the poor service they are providing to us here in Clayton, Delaware.
  • Anne Bohl: We are having trouble with phone and text seevice. No calls in or out. I can send texts with my smart phone, but my son can’t send it recI’ve texts in his non-smart phone. Mine must be using data?
  • Zach Freeland from NC: Central North Carolina iPhone 6 Verizon Network “No Service” on & off for several days but today at least 11 hours straight….I even went to Apple Store assuming phone was dead, RUINED business calls while commuting that made ME look like shite and I need that income to pay Verizons 5$/day bill. So DONE getting raped by this company!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW I’M DROPPING THEM!!!!!!!!!
  • P-square: Have no landline service ….no dial tone have DSL showing excellent service but can’t get it …currently bouncing off someone else since 4/5/2017 in Erie pa.. My phone bill is due on the 10th of April and already paid…so not a payment issue…
  • JG Butler: No cable, internet, or landline phone service in N. Arlington VA since at least 3PM this afternoon. Spent about 3 hours on hold waiting for customer service to be told there’s no widespread outage, it’s a problem outside the house, broken fiber optic cable possibly, maybe just to my home, possibly others, and earliest service call is 2 days away even though there’s no widespread outages. Huh. Verizon’s very good at taking hundreds of dollars from me every month for years and issuing late payment penalties for being a day late with those payments but when there’s a problem… wait and wait and wait some more. Oh, and if it’s not a widespread outage, apparently I still have to pay in full, on-time of course.
  • Will: Text working 2. All incoming calls to cell go straight to Voice Mail. 3. Out going calls to landlines work. 4. Unable to log into website. As of 4/6/2017 0640 CST in San Antonio TX
  • Eric Farrow: Stuttering internet connection here in Hagerstown. I am hoping that Antietam cable can do a better job than this. Then again I heard such wonderful things about Antietam. I mean, what does Verizon have? An expensive wireless service that is actually less reliable than the price itself would suggest it to be?! Antietam is clearly the better option in my humble opinion. If there is a possible Antietam connection in this hovel to be had, I will happily take it over this crappy internet service… *ranting continued till the sun blew up*
  • Adam: Had an internet outage only two months ago. Spring Break starts in 3 days. Getting really sick of this. If the Verizon technicians work from 9 AM to 5 PM, that means they’ve been working on fixing this from the moment they arrived at work today, since the outage occurred at 8:22 AM. That means they’ve been working for over 6.5 hours! How do they not have it fixed yet? If this isn’t fixed by 6 PM, they will have failed to fix it when given 12 hours to do so. There is no excuse for it having taken this long, let alone if it comes to that. This whole thing is unacceptable.

There is number of the verizon users who is facing problem and still facing those problems. When user become more frustrated then he looking for the verizon customer care number, verizon online support, verison customer support number, verizon help desk number etc.

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