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AVG Antivirus is one of the most famous and trustworthy antivirus brands around the world. Previously known as Anti-Virus Guard, AVG Antivirus is an internet and local security software developed by AVG Technologies, which is now a subsidiary of Avast Software. First launched in 1997, AVG Antivirus has come a long way and currently it is available across all operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, Android as well as iOS. What started as a small company in Germany, AVG Technologies has a long and golden history to it. Read on to find more.

The history of AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus was first not known by this name. It is the predecessor to Anti-Virus Guard, which was the first security software from AVG Technologies. Anti-Virus guard was first released in 1992 in the Czech Republic by its founder Grisoft. In 1997, Grisoft obtained the license for manufacturing AVG Antivirus commercially, and its sale began in Germany and the United Kingdom. Later in 1998, AVG Antivirus was introduced in the United States, where it was a big hit.

In 2006, AVG Technologies introduced the free version of the AVG Antivirus, and that marked the beginning of the huge popularity of the software. With the free version, not only did the number of downloads increased, the overall revenue of the company increases as sales skyrocketed. With time, AVG Technologies introduced anti-spyware in their security package. At the end of 2006, Microsoft announced that AVG Antivirus will be a part of its operating system from Windows Vista onwards. In 2009, after AVG acquired Santa Security, the company introduced anti-theft protection in their security software line. According to a recent estimate, AVG Antivirus currently has over 200 million active users around the world, out of which 100 million use AVG Antivirus and its services on mobile products.

The product line-up and its features

The AVG Antivirus family includes the following product line up-

  • AVG Internet Security- AVG Internet Security is a complete suite of software, that include everything that is required to protect your devices from threats from the internet, which includes everything from anti-spyware, link scanner, identity protection and protection from DDOS attacks.
  • AVG Protection- AVG Protection is a subscription based security service, which is integrated with the Zen Platform.
  • AVG Anti-Spyware- AVG Anti-Spyware is an integrated part of the AVG security line-up and it helps protect your devices from threats concerning spyware.
  • AVG Search- AVG Search is a search engine widget, which provides a safe environment to search products and make online purchases much safer and secure.

Hence, it has so many qualities with it, but sometimes AVG fails to perform their task easily and smoothly. The reason behind the issues in antivirus are many, what one need is to grab best support from experts whenever there is any problem in your antivirus.

AVG Antivirus Common Technical Problems are –

1.Unable to access AVG Antivirus easily.

2.Lack of proper installation and un-installation guidance support problems.

3.Your desktop PC is not working properly or can say optimization issues.

4.How to configure AVG Antivirus on PCs properly?

5.Unable to install AVG antivirus applications on smart phones, mobile phones.

6.How to scan your system?

7. Fails to remove virus.

The AVG Antivirus family is not limited to the above products and every year the company is adding new products and features to its lineup, to combat the increasing threat from around the world. Although, AVG Antivirus has an easy to use and operate interface often it may become difficult some key issues and that is where we step in to help. Our well trained and certified staff is there to assist you in any difficulty you might face along the way. So, wait no more and call us at the numbers below for the best AVG Antivirus Support.

AVG Antivirus customer Service NumberAVG Antivirus customer Service Number

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